Aerial Yoga Benefits

aerial yoga benefits

Practicing aerial yoga and be hanging from the sky can be a lot of fun. In addition, there are several physical and mental aerial yoga benefits. Hanging fully or suspending any of your body parts creates traction and opens your body gently and intuitively.

So, what are the real aerial yoga benefits?


  • Improve flexibility, stability and balance: It will help you move more freely. Suspension in the air releases tensions in the bones and muscles.
  • Joint decompression: When you’re hanging upside down and doing inversions, your joints decompress. It relieves the tension in your joints that can be triggered in floor workouts.
  • Burn calories when doing a yang practice with the swing.
  • Effective abdominal workout: You will start to engage your core immediately without even noticing it.
  • Helps to increase body mass and has strength-building benefits.
  • Very low impact workout.
  • Full body workout.
  • Helps with back problems: Aerial yoga allows the spine to lengthen to ease the tension on the spinal cord and the hip joint.
  • Aids digestion: It activates our metabolism so it helps us with constipation and indigestion.


aerial yoga benefits
  • Improved mental health: It lowers stress and cortisol levels which can be very helpful for people suffering from depression.
  • Boosts your mood: This kind of workout gets your adrenaline going. It releases happy hormones like serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin and dopamine which boost your mood and help you feel more energetic.
  • Increases bodily awareness.
  • Enhances focus: When you’re in the present moment, you don’t dwell on the past or worry about the future. Aerial yoga will make you stay present through our breathing and bodily awareness.
  • Be more resilient: Aerial Yoga can be challenging. This will help you cope with adversities and it will prevent you from feeling always disappointed.

What are you waiting for to try your first aerial yoga class and gain all these amazing benefits? Get in touch with me or visit my website to have online classes at home.



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