Doctors recommend Yoga

My doctor recommend yoga but I’m too lazy to start.


You get up to go to work and you realize that you move without touching the ground with your feet.


You arrive and see people enjoying your same condition, going here and there floating in the air with entertainment.


Of course, fulfilling their obligations and daily tasks, but doing it in a more dynamic and entertaining way.

Giving a different approach to something we do daily can make the routine more bearable.

lower back relief

Yoga is recommended by doctors.

improve your flexibility 3

In the practice of Aerial Yoga we use all the wisdom and benefits of Yoga, opening new unexplored paths.


If you already practice Yoga, it is a way to give your routines another approach and dynamics, thus renewing your desire.


If you have never practiced Yoga, you will enjoy a fun and very accessible variant of it.

The fact of being hanging from a swing allows us to make the movements smoother and have less impact.


In this position, most of the muscles in our body are at the service of balance, constantly activating.


During upside down poses, the joints and spine are released from tension and their flexibility increases.


This is due to the absence of elements that limit our movements, such as the floor and walls.


We perform the postures in suspension, using gravity in our favor, thus increasing the amplitude of the movements.


Circulatory system: one of the most activated.


By constantly changing posture or simply being upside down, the circulatory system is energetically activated.

Aerial Yoga

This variant of Yoga can be more entertaining and dynamic whether you are at a beginner or advanced level.


Of course, always counting on the mental and spiritual work of this ancient practice, thus enjoying its benefits.


That is why I invite you to immerse yourself in this new fluid and changing world called Aerial Yoga.

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