How to do a handstand? Aerial Yoga

One of the postures that many yoga practitioners aspire to is the handstand.

How to do the handstand?


The Handstand is an inverted pose. It is a hand balance that requires a lot of body control.

Things to keep in mind when doing a handstand, benefits:

  • When we do an inversion, the world seems to be upside down. This change in perspective creates an opportunity to reverse the effects of gravity on the body.
  • This posture revitalizes the entire organism.
  • It strengthens the cervical vertebrae, the brain is irrigated by nourishing blood, the mind clears, the nerves are calm.
  • In addition, the body weight is removed from the legs, relieving the pressure.

The handstand is one of the most complex inverted postures.

The aerial yoga swing offers the possibility of entering the posture in an assisted way to understand it better.

This pose requires abdominal engagement, arm strength, and proper alignment. It is necessary to trust your hands and control the balance from the fingers.


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For this reason, the aerial yoga swing allows you to build the handstand gradually and thus understand the action of the arms and hands.


By positioning the feet in the swing, the legs are relieved. You will be able to push the floor with your hands and extend your elbows. You will be able to bring the focus to your fingers, press with your fingertips and not sink into your wrists.


Thanks to the swing, you will be able to really spread out and move your shoulders away from your ears.


Practicing a handstand with the aerial yoga swing will also allow you to breathe and observe your body. Once there, you will be able to adjust bandhas, close ribs and engage abdomen.

how to handstand

Playing with your swing, while practicing your handstand, will give you confidence and security in your practice.


Formación de Yoga Aéreo (INGLES)


In Sanskrit it is called Adho Mukha Vrksasana, its translation is Downward Tree Pose.

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