Aerial Yoga for Scoliosis

Aerial yoga is gaining popularity because of its amazing health benefits. One of them is that it can help you with scoliosis.



In the case of a pronounced scoliosis is always important to have a previous talk with your doctor before join an aerial yoga class.



For starters, the aerial yoga hammock supports your back while you’re practicing and this allows you to be in different poses for longer periods of time. Here I will explain further about the benefits of aerial yoga for scoliosis.


  • Stretches the Back Muscles: The aerial hammock gently stretches the back muscles and it does it more gently than the traditional poses on the mat. This will help you not to further aggravate your scoliosis. It’s very important to stretch the spine and the back muscles when you have scoliosis.
aerial yoga for scoliosis

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  • Stretches the Spine and Core Muscles: Scoliosis causes curvature in the spine. Spinal traction in the yoga hammock will help you stand up straight since it stretches your spine. With time, it will gently correct it to its natural position.

aerial yoga for scoliosis

This is an amazing video showing the effect of aerial yoga on scoliosis.




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  • Relaxes the Back Muscles: This helps relieve the pain that people with scoliosis suffer constantly because of their condition. By relieving the pain, your mood will improve and you will feel better physically and mentally.


  • Improves Posture: Since aerial yoga stretches and strengthens the back muscles, it will be easier for you to stand up straight without straining your back.
  • Strengthen Abdominal Muscles: Core muscles wrap around your spine and hold it in place. Strengthening this muscles is detrimental for scoliosis since it will also help to hold the rib cage more upright.
  • Increases Flexibility: Scoliosis can cause stiffness in the back and hip joints, which may lead in tightness in the muscles around them. Overtime, practicing aerial yoga will increase your flexibility and will reduce the pain caused by scoliosis and improve your mobil

aerial yoga for scoliosis

WHAT POSES yoga poses are best FOR SCOLIOSIS?

Practicing inversions is excellent since helps to stretch the spine. Since inversions can be difficult for someone with a bad back or weak core strength, beginners should try practicing supported shoulder stand, plow pose, or bridge pose.


Aerial can be a great alternative to practice inversions. It is accessible for beginners and it will support you during the upside down. It is fun and you will benefit from the classes not only physically but mentally too.



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