self exploration
How to deal with anxiety?

When we close our eyes, we open up and become more attuned to both the physical and mental sensations within ourselves. Here in this space, we can get in touch with our inner landscapes.

self exploration

When taking a moment to decide which avocado in the market to buy, or deciding whether to walk or drive, these can impact us in subtle but cumulatively, strong ways. During any of these moments we can observe ourselves from an outer perspective and acknowledge what patterns we tend to follow in making certain decisions and ultimately influence our very being. 



When I feel anxiety rising, I take a moment, observe my breath and I try to ask myself the right questions: 
self exploration

-Can I do something about this? 

-Is this feeling a good wake up call to alert me to change something that needs attending to, so that I can return to peace? 

Sometimes I need a bit more help, so I do something that requires my whole self to be involved; body, mind and soul. I hang my aerial yoga swing, I open my yoga mat and I make the decision to stay there for a bit. Once I start to play and go upside down on my aerial yoga swing, everything seems to be more peaceful. I become involved with the practice, and my ‘to-do’ list fades.

And then the magical moment happens; I accept I am human and the day has 24 hours. 


Part of the problem is that we’re always on the go. When to-do lists keep swelling, self-exploration takes a backseat. Self-exploration involves “taking a look at your own thoughts, feelings, behaviors and motivations and asking why. It’s looking for the roots of who we are — answers to all the questions we have about [ourselves],” according to Ryan Howes, Ph.D, psychologist, writer and professor in Pasadena, California. 

self exploration

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Sometimes feeling better starts with realizing you don’t know how but by connecting with our inner selves, we can begin to unravel our true natures.

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