Continued yoga certification

If you are a yoga teacher, you have probably completed your 200h certification at Yoga Alliance or another certifier.


Would you like to continue deepening your career?


Here I tell you how you can continue on this beautiful path and what other options there are for you.


What path to follow and how to keep your Yoga Alliance certification active?


Yoga Alliance
200hr Yoga teacher training

One thing you should be aware of is that if you want to forge a solid career in the world of Yoga, you will need to train constantly.


One way is doing your practice other way is taking yoga teacher training.


Your Yoga Alliance status will remain active if you continue to certify with yoga specializations.


According to information from the official website of Yoga Alliance, every 3 years you must take a new teacher training. To repeat the certification process, you must complete 75 hours of continuous teaching during those 3 years.


So if you’ve recently become certified and registered as an instructor, your journey has only begun. But, besides renewing your certification, what other things can you do?


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Ahstanga yoga
yin yoga
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Learning other styles of yoga is always a good option to continue nurturing yourself. Training of 100 or 50 hours in Aerial Yoga, Yin, or Vinyasa are some options to consider.


Another excellent option is to do another 200 hours combined, for example, 100 of Vinyasa and another 100 hours of Aerial Yoga.


There is also the possibility of doing a 300hs training.


In my opinion, I advise you to give classes first and do other short training. When you feel more confident and have a better notion of who you are or want to be as a yoga teacher, immerse yourself in the 300hs.


Once you have obtained your 200-hour certification, a good option may be to be certified as an aerial yoga teacher.


Regardless of the style of yoga you have become certified in aerial yoga will be an excellent complement to mat yoga.


In addition, aerial yoga has therapeutic benefits of common interest, such as the relief of back pain. It is a rather striking discipline for students.


Airo Yoga Teacher Training


All the knowledge you acquire will become new tools to apply with your students.

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Airo Yoga Teacher Training

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