yoga sutras

yoga sutras

Yoga Quotes

Many times you know what you want, but you need inspiration to carry out what you are passionate about. Motivational phrases. Yoga quotes. If you are looking for a list of inspirational quotes from prominent figures in the world of yoga, this article will interest you. Patanjali I have collected motivational quotes from Patanjali, Iyengar …

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9 obstacles on the path yoga sutras

9 Obstacles on the Path – YOGA SUTRAS

OBSTACLES ON THE PATH OF YOGA, Patanjali 9 Obstacles on the Path we might experience in our daily lives that make it difficult to achieve things.Vyadhi-disease or physical disease Styana– apathy, depression, lack of interest, boredom Samsaya– doubt Pramada– procrastination Alasya– laziness Avirati– craving Bhrantidarsana– false vision, living in illusion Alabdhabhumikatva– unsteady condition of mind …

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