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Aerial Yoga

self exploration


How to deal with anxiety? When we close our eyes, we open up and become more attuned to both the physical and mental sensations within ourselves. Here in this space, we can get in touch with our inner landscapes. When taking a moment to decide which avocado in the market to buy, or deciding whether …

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9 obstacles on the path yoga sutras

9 Obstacles on the Path – YOGA SUTRAS

OBSTACLES ON THE PATH OF YOGA, Patanjali 9 Obstacles on the Path we might experience in our daily lives that make it difficult to achieve things. Vyadhi-disease or physical disease Styana– apathy, depression, lack of interest, boredom Samsaya– doubt Pramada– procrastination Alasya– laziness Avirati– craving Bhrantidarsana– false vision, living in illusion Alabdhabhumikatva– unsteady condition of …

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types of yoga

Types of Yoga

Some of the most popular types of yoga. Traditional and modern yoga styles.   VINYASA The sequence is designed towards a “peak pose”. We move through the poses guided by the breath preparing the body and the spirit for the “final pose” before relaxation. Become a Vinyasa & Yin Yoga Teacher 2022 in the paradise …

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